Episode 131

Becky Storrie: Chronic fatigue and switching from triathlon to cycling

This is a great interview about making the most of a bad situation and eventually going down another path. Becky Storrie from the Isle of Man was offered a scholarship at Stirling University, a high performance centre for triathlon in Scotland. She grabbed the opportunity and was aiming to race at the highest level. But in her second year, she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and some days, couldn't even get out of bed. She turned to cycling to regain her fitness and strength and her new passion led to a change in direction.

You'll hear

08:30 Becky on juggling her studies and 20-25 hours a week of triathlon training.

12:00 Becky explains how she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue after running her body in to the ground. "In June 2019, I just came back from a run and collapsed and started fitting. things rapidly deteriorated from doing 25 hours a week to sometimes being unable to get out of bed. It was the worst time of my life. Some days you think you feel good as new again but then you take 10 steps back again. I felt like I was isolated from my life.

16:30 In the beginning I was really angry and felt guilty that I had put myself in that position. But as time went on I thought 'what do I want to do on the other side of this?' Even when I was not the nicest person to be around, my boyfriend and my family were so supportive.

18:30 Becky talks about her recovery and how she regained her strength and fitness. 'For the first time in my life, i didn't set an alarm.' My coach was so supportive and we had a rough plan. I think only you know what you can do and you need to have a rough plan, but you need to be flexible with it too.

21:30 Becky explains how she ended up switching from triathlon to cycling. I entered a couple of bike races and I was learning all about the sport and I was hooked and I thought 'why not give this a go?'

25:30 Becky on improving her cycling skills 'I went to some of the kids club's sessions to learn how to ride a bike.

28:50 Becky talks about how she got onto the Movistar E-Team and what it means and the racing she does on Zwift. 'It's super competitive, we take it very seriously. There are some people who race on Zwift who never even race on the roads.'

35:30 Becky on her road racing and being on the CAMS-Basso team, a British and UCI registered women's continental cycling team

39:00 We talk about prize money and if you can make a money from being a professional women's cyclist. 'You can make money, but I currently don't. We need equal pay because as with equal pay, we can progress' If I was a man on a UCI continental team, I would probably get paid. But I currently don't get paid."

34:00 Becky will be representing the Isle of Man in the TT and on the road at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. "To represent the Isle of Man makes me so so proud, we have so many phenomenal cyclists from the Isle of Man and to be on that team with them is just amazing'

49:50 Becky explains what she most misses and what she least misses from triathlon...'The early alarms!'

54:00 How and why stem notes are used in cycling and if she uses motivational quotes on her bike.

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