Episode 26

Healthy Body Part 1: Cody Beals and Felicity Joyce

This is the first part of a mini series from the Inside Tri Show and the Witsup Podcast, taking a closer look at body image, eating disorders and disordered eating in triathlon.  

Look out for Episode 2 coming soon at https://www.witsup.com/witsup-podcast/

Over the two episodes, you'll hear from professional triathletes and coaches including Jodie Cunnama, Cody Beals, Renee Kiley, Felicity Joyce and Specialist Dietician Renee McGregor.

In part 1, you'll hear an in-depth interview with Canadian Ironman Champion Cody Beals who started to struggle with disordered eating when he went to University and was on the cross country team.

"I could see a trend that I could get lighter and I would start to perform better, but I was on borrowed time with that." He says it's taken him a decade to finally feel better about his body.

You'll also hear Witsup's Stef Hanson's interview with top age group athlete and coach Felicity Joyce, who was diagnosed with anorexia when she was younger.

Felicity explains how her aim to be better, healthier and faster at sport when she was in the last few years of high school spiralled out of control, landed her in hospital and ruined relationships with friends and family.

Find out more about our guests

Professional triathlete Renee Kiley, who triggered this whole series

3x World Champion, coach and mum of 3 Jodie Cunnama

Multiple Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Champion Cody Beals

Leading Sports and Eating Disorder Specialist Dietician Renee McGregor

Top age group athlete and coach Felicity Joyce


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