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Episode 29

Published on:

3rd Jun 2020

Helle Frederiksen: Food, fuelling and periods

It was a real eye-opener speaking to ITU Long Distance World Champion Helle Frederiksen for this week's show. Helle got in touch with me after listening to the Healthy Body series, so we continued the conversation about training, fuelling and nutrition.

Helle has a an M.Sc in Human Nutrition and since retiring in 2019, Helle has expanded her coaching business. So it's brilliant to hear her thoughts and experiences, from her educational background, as well as from a coach and athlete perspective.

You'll hear

  • Why fasted workouts and females don't go together
  • Why you should act fast if you're not having your period
  • Her thoughts on periods, racing and training
  • Why she used to panic about an empty fridge
  • Why she'd cringe when she saw some triathletes eating salads after a race
  • Why athletes need to pay as much attention to their nutrition, as they do to all of their toys and gadgets

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Helle Frederiksen on Instagram

Helle's website

Helle's 'You Vs 2020' 10 week Triathlon Bootcamp

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