Episode 139

Jack Schofield - the triathlete who photographs triathlon superstars

Jack Schofield is a keen and very successful age group triathlete, having qualified for Kona 3 times. He also happens to be a keen and successful photographer. Having picked up a camera for the first time 3.5 years ago, he's gone on to produce content for numerous professional triathletes. Jack gives an insight into what goes on behind the lens.

You'll hear:

11:00 Jack talks about how he felt a bit lost after studying architecture at University and how he wasn't sure what he wanted to do it, but how he started to use a camera at work 3.5 years ago which has developed into a successful photography business, including being Ruth Astle's photographer.

16:30 How Jack went from rowing into triathlon...and started straight away with Ironman Nice in 2015. He followed it up with Ironman Wales later that year. And that was it, I was hooked! He has qualified for Kona 3 times and will be racing Hawaii in 2022. "I raced in 2017 and had a shocker!"

23:00 Jack explains about the different projects he has on the go, including web design, triathlon photography, a book and wedding photography, but he doesn't want to be working in triathlon all of the time.

25:30 Jack talks about his dream to create content of people's adventures

29:10 Jack explains how he ended up becoming Ruth Astle's photographer and You Tube channel producer. "I owe Ruth a lot for believing that I can do it!"

32:30 Do Youtube channels really show the truth of professional athletes?

38:00 We talk about YouTube channels and constant photos, media and content that is generated for social media for professional athletes and brands.

44:00 The most annoying thing about taking a photo at a wedding Vc taking a wedding at a race

47:00 Why you shouldn't nick watermarked photos

51:00 Some top tips to take a decent photo when you're out training

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