Episode 130

Jackson Laundry: The art to improving in triathlon

Canada’s Jackson Laundry joins us this week! The professional athlete has worked his way up from age group racing to being one of the best 70.3 athletes in the world. In early 2022, he beat Alistair Brownlee over the distance at Oceanside.  We talk a fair bit about training and how he has consistently put the work in and year on year continues to get better.

You'll hear:

6:45 Was Jackson inspired by watching the Ironman World Championships?

10:05 We talk about training and some of the things he has learnt from the likes of Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden when it comes to training. As I get older I train less hard, but I don't do everything the same as they do. The main difference now is how I decide to approach workouts . 4 or 5 years ago, I would push myself really hard, 'because that's going to make me faster' but more and more often lately now I've been holding back more than pushing hard. Once I believed it was the right approach, it was easier to do.

16:15 Jackson talks about running off the bike and how he has improved it. "My running ability probably hasn't improved 1 or 2% over the last few years, but I have a much higher aerobic capacity now and the longer the race is, the more important that is." I think I have been able to get better each year by consistent training and recovery, but you still always have this little doubt that one day you will stop getting better. I'm now starting to believe I can beat anyone on any day.

20:45 Jackson talks about his performance at Oceanside, where he overtook Alistair Brownlee in the last couple of miles. "It's what you dream about as an athlete. I know he will want revenge, he's like 'who the hell is this guy?"

24:45 Jackson talks about the influence his dad Brian has had on him when it comes to triathlon. "He had done a few triathlons just before I was born and he thought 'maybe I could get back into it one day" and then we got into it together. We are really competitive so we would really push each other. Then when we got our first coach we learned about going easy. When we got our first plan, we were like 'easy? what the hell is easy?

32:00 Jackson talks about the influence that fellow Canadians Cody Beals and Lionel Sanders have had on him. He often trains with Cody and they are good mates. "I've been a fan of Lionel for a long time. He just loves racing and he just tells it like it is. It was cool to get a win on him at Oceanside. He congratulated me and said if he was going to lose to someone, he was glad it was me!

37:30 Why Jackson has been working with the same coach for ten years. 'He took me on as an age group athlete and I have trusted him for ten years and there is no reason for me to look for another coach.

41:05 Training in the cold. The coldest absolute temperature I have trained in was -25, we wore ski goggles to run, or else your eyes would freeze up.

43:45 We chat about Jackson getting married 6 days after his first Ironman and his major worry was trying not to get covid.

47:45 Not being able to go to all the fun socials thing because of his job as a professional triathlete.

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