Episode 44

Katrina Matthews: The army physio on a mission

Katrina Matthews from the BMC-Vifit Pro triathlon team talks about being an Army physio, training to heart rate, social media pressures and getting off to a flying start as a pro triathlete.

You'll hear:

08:25 Katrina talks about 'a whirlwind' year

10:30 Katrina talks amazingly openly about the challenge of social media during lockdown and the difficulty of not comparing herself with others.

15:34 Katrina talks about her job as an Army physiotherapist and being able to sideline her Army career to pursue her triathlon career and the struggle of getting to grips with not being able to excel at being a physio and being a long distance triathlete.

19:11 Before my first Ironman I averaged 11 hours of training a week

21:00 It's a battle that I have all of the time...the feeling that I should be doing more training.

23:50 Before my first Ironman, the longest run I had done was a long treadmill run of around 22km.

26:00 Talks about the advice BMC-Vifit boss Bob de Wolff gave her before her first Ironman... 'it's won in the last 10km!'

28:40 Katrina talks about how 'amazing' it is to be on the BMC Vifit Pro Triathlon team.

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Also this week...

Laura Siddall wants your old kit!

03:00 Laura Siddall talks about Souls4soles. Read more about the project here. If you are in the UK, send your kit to: Soles4souls@Neuff, 3 Abbotts Close, Lee Mill Industrial Estate, Ivybridge, Devon PL21 9GA. You can find a list of worldwide collection points here.

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