Episode 19

Michelle Vesterby: Keep Smiling

My aim is to pop a smile on your face this week, as well as help you through being stuck inside during the Coronavirus.

You'll hear:

*An update from David McNamee, who is on lock down in Girona. He gives a fascinating insight into his training, his day to day life, the harsh reality of what's going on around him. Plus the latest on his croissant intake, his Catalan learning and his chamois cream supplies.

*An interview with Michelle Vesterby. The Dane came 4th at the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2015 and last year, she raced at Ironman Copenhagen just 3 months after giving birth to her son. If you’ve ever seen interviews with Michelle, or watched her race in person, you’ll know she often has a grin on her face too. She lives by the motto “Keep Smiling,“ which we talk about a lot. Part of it goes back to her older brother, who sadly died at the age of 26, but she says he always used to smile and be happy. So we talk about mindset, positivity and trying not to worry.

*The most incredible piece of writing in audio form, which might ease your worries and some of your anxieties at the moment if you can't get outdoors. It's called "Inside, a guide" and it was from a blog by Josie George. I Adrian Hobart to narrate it.

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