Episode 18

Uncertain times & new opportunities

In the space of a few days the way we live our lives has totally changed. Our short term future suddenly feels very much up in the air and there's huge long-term uncertainty too.

For many, worrying about races and triathlon goals has become almost irrelevant.

Your health and that of those around you or figuring out how you might pay the mortgage in a couple of month's time becomes far more significant than whether you'll get the sh*ts during an Ironman.

But for some, triathlon is their livelihood. It's how they make a living, indeed how they pay their mortgage.

For others, endurance sport is their key to staying sane. Training is their socialising. Their local triathlon club is their family. Goals give focus and purpose to their day to day life.

But suddenly, when all of that is taken away, life becomes very very different.

In this episode you'll hear:

*Sports Psychologist Evie Serventi who has some great advice on trying to get your head around recent events, staying calm, finding new opportunities and learning to enjoy the process of training again

*2x Kona Podium finisher, David McNamee joins us from his base in Girona, Spain, where he is locked down in his apartment for at least 14 days. If you can get on your bike outside, please send him your photos to motivate him and p*ss him off!!!

*For up and coming professional Tom Davis, no racing means less income. He's having to consider whether he will he have to move back in with his parents.

*And Race organiser and coach Dermott Hayes from Be endurance gives us the view from a small race organiser and full time coach. With camps, training and races cancelled, he's concerned about the next few months and also explains why refunds aren't always possible for small race organisers and why they are going virtual with their cancelled "Storm the Castle" duathlon.

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