Inside Tri Show is hosted by Helen Murray.  A keen triathlete with a background in broadcasting, she started triathlon podcasting in 2014.  

In 2019, she launched Inside Tri Show on her own, to share amazing stories from the world of triathlon and beyond. 

Helen is passionate about getting the best out of her guests, giving a platform to those who might not have one elsewhere and empowering females through her interviews and episodes.  

Away from triathlon, Helen primarily works as a Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist for MOVE Charity.  She supports 13-30 year olds to get stronger and fitter after a cancer diagnosis.  Despite the big career change in 2018, she still does some freelance broadcasting and production work. 

A confident speaker, Helen has also hosted workshops and webinars for Sports Governing Bodies and sports nutrition companies. 

She also has twenty years of audio and production experience, with a decade in podcasting and is open to freelance project work.  

Helen speaks Spanish, Welsh and French. She also loves a good scone, whether she's baked it herself, or has managed to stumble across a good one while out on her bike.

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