Episode 135

Chemmy Alcott: Lack confidence? Listen to this

Chemmy Alcott is Britain's most successful female skier, having competed at 4 winter Olympics and won a World Cup event. She also presents the BBC's Ski Sunday programme and is part of the team for the BBC's winter Olympics coverage. As a skier, Chemmy might seem a strange guest for a triathlon-based podcast. However Chemmy oozes passion and energy and has so many lessons to share from sport. So if you need a confidence boost for a race coming up, or if you're feeling a bit 'meh' because you're injured, or if you're just finding the news too depressing, then listen to this, you won't regret it.

You'll hear:

08:00 Chemmy's work with BBC Sport during the Olympics 'it's such an honour and it's like working on ski sunday on steroids.' What it's like working with BBC Sport presenter Clare Balding. 'She really is an empowering mentor to have and she has an incredible knowledge and she never steps on the toes of others, she makes everyone else be at their best.'

13:00 We talk about why it was okay talking about failing and losing. When you fail you have a massive opportunity to learn from that. I'm mentally stronger because I am honest about why I failed.

15:30 Pressure, expectation, underperforming and the danger of holding back. Can you be confident enough to risk it all?

18:00 Confidence on and off the skis. I used to struggle a lot and when I was coming back from injury, I pretended I was Lindsey Vonn. Pretending to be someone else is a really easy technique to get you out of that fear bubble and then you can be yourself.

27:40 Chemmy talks about how she manages to mix work and family. 'I need to work but when I come back to them, I'm able to be very present. But it is a revolution.'

29:00 Some of the messages Chemmy tries to get across to the athletes she coaches. It's confidence! And we do a simple activity every night to help with that. I want to use sport for lifeskill gains.

31:00 Chemmy's thoughts for those who have a lack of confidence, whether ahead of a race or because of fear. "You have to be honest and then you have to take those negative feelings, use those feelings and turn them into a strong power." You have a choice, it's within you. Do you let it stop you or do you use it to inspire you to be better'

37:00 Is Chemmy always 'on it?' I think it must annoying for those around me. 'The vivaciousness and gung-ho I have goes back to when my mum died and it was a complete shock and now I think you don't know when it's all over'

43:00 We talk about life without ski and climate change.

46:00 Some brilliant advice when it comes to injuries. "It is challenging and people react in different ways. You have to realistic and present every day. You can't let that bitterness not drive you. You can use it in a positive way.

49:00 Channelling nerves and fears when you're about to start a race. "This changed throughout my career a the beginning I always used to try too hard but that was a massive block because I would over-try. Then I tried to be loose and I would say to myself 'loose as a goose and I used to try and take my brain out and put it into my feet so it could feel the run.' 'I looked quite unprofessional in the start gates because I used to be juggling, to switch my brain off. But I needed to not care and trust myself.

52:00 We talk about why Chemmy is so passionate about championing other females. "My mum always used to tell me to go into a room and fine a woman who inspires you and go and talk to them. Have the confidence to go and talk to them, have a bit of them and make yourself better."

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