Episode 24

Rev Kate Bottley: Open Water Swimming -The vodka shot of exercise

If you have ever been at war with your body

If you have ever been afraid of taking on a challenge because of what others might think

If you were picked last in PE when you were at school

If you’ve got to grips, you’re getting to grips or you’ve never got to grips with open water swimming or running, or cycling, 

If you just want a bit of a feel-good giggle

Then the Inside Tri Show with Reverend Kate Bottley is for you.

BBC radio presenter and former Goggle Box star Rev Kate Bottley says she is evangelical about two things: Jesus and Open Water swimming. And while wild swimming has given the 45-year-old Vicar more confidence, she says she was still ‘at war with her body’ when she agreed to do Dare2Tri - three triathlons in three days for Comic Relief in March 2020. Before signing up the challenge, Kate had never run in public, ridden a bike or swum in a wetsuit.

This a really uplifting interview, full of giggles, honesty about body image and reassurance that it’s ok to feel a bit sad and miserable at the moment.


Hear the latest update from British professional triathlete David McNamee who is on Week 7 of lockdown in Girona, due to Coronavirus

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Rev Kate Bottley

David McNamee

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